• In a workplace emergency, your network infrastructure protects more than data. Join CommScope for a look at the surprisingly close relationship between your network’s physical layer and your employees’ physical safety.

    During this important webinar, you’ll learn:

    • How the right cabling choice can limit the spread of smoke and flames during a fire
    • Why PoE in the access network should be part of your emergency preparedness plan
    • What one infrastructure change you can make to aid first responders when minutes matter

    Your network has virtually unlimited potential, including the potential to protect what’s most important in an emergency. With the expertise, experience and solutions of an industry leader, CommScope is committed to helping you reach your full potential, every day. Let’s get started.

    Tenant Safety and the Physical Layer


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    China & Taiwan - Chinese
    July 25

    Presenter: Wang Mian

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    UK & MEA - English
    October 23

    Presenter: Simone Vieira & Feras Hani

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    US & Canada - English
    October 31

    Presenter: Ronna Davis Baca

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    Germany - German
    November 12

    Presenter: Kay-Uwe Mey

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    Spain - Spanish
    November 14

    Presenter: Alberto Martínez

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